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Size: 1059x720 | Tagged: safe, artist:sugar-loop, derpibooru import, edit, edited screencap, screencap, vector edit, cherry jubilee, chief thunderhooves, buffalo, earth pony, pony, over a barrel, beauty mark, crack shipping, duo focus, female, headpiece, heart, image, male, mare, png, shipping, straight, thundercherry, vector


Cherry Jubilee: "Hey there, you big, strong, handsome steer, you. Care to help a little old pony with her cherry orchard? I'll give you a big cherry pie as a reward, and maybe something sweeter after that." (giggling)

safe2258116 artist:sugar-loop437 derpibooru import2624748 edit174732 edited screencap83658 screencap290428 vector edit4652 cherry jubilee1299 chief thunderhooves321 buffalo825 earth pony392124 pony1394683 over a barrel899 beauty mark1516 crack shipping4280 duo focus1673 female1421614 headpiece73 heart70480 image901588 male493291 mare655501 png531146 shipping259840 straight177174 thundercherry1 vector92798