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Size: 2000x1769 | Tagged: safe, artist:pabbley, derpibooru import, rainbow dash, human, pegasus, pony, behaving like a dog, cross-popping veins, emanata, exclamation point, food, funny, image, jpeg, meat, mouth hold, nom, offscreen character, pepperoni, pepperoni pizza, pizza, pony pet, pov, solo focus
Size: 2600x3840 | Tagged: suggestive, artist:hooves-art, derpibooru import, pear butter, anthro, earth pony, plantigrade anthro, 3d, 4k, ass, barefoot, bedroom eyes, big breasts, bikini, bikini top, blender, breast squish, breasts, busty pear butter, butt, car, car wash, clothes, daisy dukes, feet, female, high res, image, large butt, looking at you, pear butt, png, shorts, solo, swimsuit
Size: 2600x3840 | Tagged: suggestive, artist:hooves-art, derpibooru import, windy whistles, anthro, pegasus, 3d, 4k, big breasts, blender, breasts, busty windy whistles, cleavage, clothes, curvy, erect nipples, female, high res, hourglass figure, image, legs in the water, lifeguard, looking at you, nipple outline, one-piece swimsuit, partially submerged, png, solo, solo female, swimming pool, swimsuit, whistle, whistle necklace, wide hips, wingless, wingless anthro

All Time Top Scoring

Size: 4000x3000 | Tagged: safe, artist:dimfann, derpibooru import, applejack, spike, twilight sparkle, dragon, earth pony, pony, unicorn, series:pony re-watch, season 1, winter wrap up, both cutie marks, butt, butt squish, dock, featured image, featureless crotch, female, frog (hoof), high res, i watch it for the plot, image, magic, male, mare, plot, png, scene interpretation, snow, snow plow, snowball, telekinesis, twibutt, underhoof, unicorn twilight
Size: 683x1024 | Tagged: safe, artist:viwrastupr, banned from derpibooru, edit, editor:edits of hate, unauthorized edit, twilight sparkle, pony, unicorn, autumn, book, bookhorse, both cutie marks, cute, featured image, female, fluffy, hoof fluff, image, implied fluttershy, leaves, leg fluff, mare, nature, png, prone, reading, smiling, solo, that pony sure does love books, tree, twiabetes, unicorn twilight, unshorn fetlocks, when you see it, wingless, wingless edit, wings
Size: 2436x1781 | Tagged: suggestive, artist:pestil, banned from derpibooru, ponybooru import, scootaloo, human, butt, clothes, feet, female, humanized, image, lolicon, png, scootabutt, solo, swimming pool, swimsuit, underage, wet

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