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  1. #1 Properly tag and source all posts

    If known, please provide a Source URL for all posts. Please refer to our Tag Guidelines for further clarification on how to properly tag content.

  2. #2: Keep posts on topic

    This site is dedicated to featuring works related to My Little Pony and the surrounding fandom. As such, we ask that you please only upload content that is pony related.

    What is pony related?

    In an attempt to answer this, we'll try to outline some general guidelines. Keep in mind that everything will be judged on a case-by-case basis, and we welcome your input if you think we get something wrong (we are not infallible). The further down this list you go, the more subjective it gets. So if you think your post may be questionable, we highly recommend you provide some sort of an argument or context as to why it should be pony related in the Description field. This list is not exhaustive.

    1. If a post features recognizable show characters close to their original form, it's pony related
      1. This includes all generations of My Little Pony, including all toys
      2. If the post is from an older generation and the character doesn't have an established tag, you may want to make note of it in the Description since we may not be aware of the character
    2. If a post features recognizable show characters from any related My Little Pony franchise (such as Equestria Girls, the official comics, or other official media), it's pony related
    3. If a post features anthro (a.k.a., furry) or humanized representations of the recognizable characters from items a or b above, it's probably pony related
    4. If a post features an OC (in any form) along with characters from items a-c above, it's possibly pony related
    5. If a post features an OC (in any form) that closely and obviously resembles (stylistically) a race from items a or b above, it's possibly pony related
    6. If a post features any cartoon characters that are recognizably cartoon equines from non-MLP media (i.e., Filly Funtasia or Them's Fightin' Herds), it might be pony related (as long as these are not mass uploaded)
    7. If a post features any character traditionally associated with the fandom (i.e., satyrs), it might be pony related (as long as these are not mass uploaded)
    8. If a post does not feature any of the above, it is definitely not pony related
    9. If a post does not feature any of the above, but you copy and paste something from a-g above to make it valid, it is probably not pony related
    10. If a post is an exploitable meme template with unrelated content, it is likely not pony related

    Please note, that the above is not only applicable to images, but also to all content that we accept now and any time in the future, including videos, photographs, images, animations, audio, and text submissions.

  3. #3: Use filters to hide content you can't or don't want to see

    As long as a post meets the requirements of Rule 2 above, we are extremely tolerant in regards to subject matter. As a result, you will come across things that you may find offensive. In these cases, you can leverage the tag filtering system which allows you to select tags you wish to hide or spoiler.

    If your local jurisdiction is less permissive than the United States, use filters to avoid viewing legally questionable content.

  4. #4: Do not upload banned content

    Under no circumstances will we permit any content to be uploaded that is illegal in the jurisdiction of the United States.

    Posting any content that violates this rule may result in it being deleted and very likely an immediate ban, possibly without a warning. Do not do it.

    Examples of illegal content
    • Photographs or videos depicting human minors in a pornographic, sexually suggestive, or violent manner
      • This only applies to actual photographs or videos; images or animations of fantasy characters in any situation are allowed, as long as the character represented is not recognizable as a real life person
    • Actual photographs or videos of sadistic gore or animal cruelty (drawings are okay, as long as they are tagged properly)
  5. #5: Do not misuse site features

    We try to be lenient when it comes to allowing multiple accounts, guest/anonymous posting, and usage of our site features.

    Examples of behavior that this rule addresses:

    1. Excessively spamming comments or reports
    2. Using multiple accounts to spam upvotes or downvotes
    3. Submitting reports in bad faith
    4. Manipulating posts in order to create better versions for duplicate merging. However, merge requests that remove obnoxious watermarks without otherwise impacting the image are okay; the watermark-less version will be kept.

  6. #6: Be aware of content that should be filtered but can't be

    You must properly spoiler content that you post in areas that are not filterable by our tagging system - most often in comment sections. Using the on-site embed syntax (>>) should always do this for you, but when linking to off-site images you must do this manually using the [spoiler][/spoiler] tags. Content that should be spoilered includes content more severe than the upload's rating and/or content that may induce seizures (anything that flashes rapidly). If you must manually spoiler something, please note why it's spoilered (i.e., this is NSFW or may cause seizures).

  7. #n: Try not to be a faggot

    This list is not exhaustive and there may be things you could do to be a faggot that are not listed in the rules above. As such we'll just sneak this rule in at the end to let you know that rules lawyering isn't really worth your time, because we have this catch-all rule.

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