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Tag Guidelines

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All Tags Matter

You will find a large variety of content here, and since we are very permissive with what we allow you may come across things you don't want to see; thus, using filters so you only see what you want is essential. In order to accomplish this, proper tagging is of the utmost importance, especially content rating tags as they capture large categorical distinctions of content types.

Tags are what make or break a booru, and we've worked very hard to make our tagging system as robust as possible. By properly tagging all posts, you help make them easier to find. Without the proper tags, filters will also fail to work. Everyone can edit tags, and as such it's important to make sure we keep tags as consistent and precise as possible.

  1. All posts must have at least one rating tag. The safetag overrides all other rating tags
  2. If you notice the tags or source for a post are not accurate or complete, please take the time to correct it yourself or report it to us. If you find a user is consistently tagging and/or sourcing improperly, please report the post to us
  3. For each person involved in the creation of a post:
    1. If it's an image, video, or audio post, add a tag in the form of artist:ARTIST NAME HERE. If you don't know the artist, use the artist neededtag
    2. If it's a text post, add a tag in the form of author:AUTHOR NAME HERE. If you don't know the author, use the author neededtag
    3. If the post was edited or has an editor, add a tag in the form of editor:EDITOR NAME HERE. If you don't know the editor, use the editor neededtag
    4. If the post is a colorized image or video, add a tag in the form of colorist:COLORIST NAME HERE. If you don't know the colorist, use the colorist neededtag
    5. If the post is or contains a photograph, add a tag in the form of photographer:PHOTOGRAPHER NAME HERE. If you don't know the photographer, use the photographer neededtag
  4. Tags ought to describe the observable features of a post, such as the characters, their relationships, depicted places and events, and the composition
    1. When it is unclear what tag should be used, the artist's or author's intent ought to take precedence
    2. Tags should not be used to state opinions
  5. If a post was first made on another site, the Source field should reflect the URL of the original source material
  6. Tags are intended to be useful to everyone, so please do not create niche or or personal tags that have ambiguous or conflicting meanings
  7. Please refrain from making bulk tag changes. If needed, contact us and let us help
  8. Uploads that have the potential to trigger seizures due to flashing lights or other causes should be tagged as such with the seizure warningtag

Important Tags

These are the most important tags, which you should start out with before considering others.

Content rating tags

Content rating tags define the suitability of content to its audience. All uploads require at least one content rating tag. If the post is not safe, then it can have up to one tag from each of the content rating categories listed below (sexual, dark, and/or gross).

The safe content rating (cannot be combined with any other content rating)

  • safe

    Safe for work and children. Official My Little Pony content without edits and only reasonable cropping/animation loops/etc., are always safe

The sexual content ratings (one per image)

  • suggestive

    Implied sexual or indecent acts or appearances, like nudity.

    • Breasts/crotchtits/buttcheeks/crotches any more than half uncovered on those implied to have bits to cover up
    • Sexualized scenarios (diaperfags, gender transformation, etc.)
    • Sexualized touching of breasts and/or buttcheeks
    • Sexually showing off parts of the body, like wiggling a butt seductively
    • Prominent low-detail sheaths or anuses (outline or hole-free shape only, like a star or circle; non-shading contrast can count as forming lines)
    • Prominent low-detail genital, anus, or nipple outlines in clothing
    • Sexual innuendo (including visual, such as crotch sub sandwich or shapes resembling genitals)
    • Kissing with saliva leaking out or clear tongue use
    • Visible urination
    • References to genitalia, sex, and/or sex acts (e.g., "penis," "they're fucking," "that's-a tasty horsepussy," "I want to cum inside Rainbow Dash")
  • questionable

    Includes sexual acts that aren't quite sex, things closely resembling genitals, and nudity with actual features like nipples.

    • Nipples on breasts or crotchtits
    • Bodily fluids or waste in sensual contact with the body (such as watersports, scat, or messy diapers)
    • Sexually-emphasized gross scenarios, such as:
      • Being in a throat, stomach, or intestines
      • Feet licking
    • Extremely disproportionately large breasts, butts, or appendages (hypershit)
    • Obesity to the point of preventing standing
    • Moderately-detailed genital shapes, sheaths, or anuses (hole-free shape with an outline, like a star/dot/line in a bump; non-shading contrast can count as forming lines)
    • Moderately-detailed genital or anus outlines in clothing
    • Sexualized touching of the following areas:
      • Nipples
      • Crotch
      • Between buttcheeks or around the anus
    • Sex toys
    • Would-be sex or ejaculation with stand-ins for genitals/anuses (such as sub sandwiches or horns)
    • Implicit insertions (clearly going up a hole, but not visible and not done for them to get off, such as enemas or a comedic shove)
    • Descriptions of sex acts (e.g., "pounding her velvety maregina," "feeling her clit wink against my balls")
  • explicit

    The good stuff: Reproductive fluids with or without sexual intercourse and/or genitals.

    • Genitalia (penises, vaginas, vulvas, balls, ponut, etc.) including any detailed visuals of them
    • Detailed anuses and sheaths
    • Sex (genital or anal stimulation, even if not visible)
    • Sexual bodily fluids (cum, precum, squash soup, or vaginal fluids)
    • Extremely detailed descriptions of sex (e.g., wow you disgusting pervert, I can't believe you clicked this to see what depraved sexual acts I was going to describe)

The dark content ratings (one per image)

  • semi-grimdark

    Dark, but not nightmare-inducing.

    • Minor horrors, including:
      • Non-cartoonish corpses (no X eyes, etc.) with signs of fatal wounds (like blood pooling or a knife sticking out)
      • Severed body parts
      • Fresh amputation
      • Severe open wounds
    • Dying violently/painfully in a comedic/cartoonish manner (X eyes, etc.)
    • Imminent fatal violence, like a gun pressed to the head
    • Insanity with clear murderous intent and potential
    • Minor physical or sexual abuse, including very dubious consent
    • Imminent >rape
  • grimdark

    Dark to the point of nightmares or inducing PTSD.

    • Dying violently and/or painfully not in a comedic or cartoonish manner
    • Horrific sights (such as extreme gore or Eldritch Abominations)
    • Traumatic physical and/or sexual abuse, such as torture or >rape

The gross content rating

  • grotesque

    Disgusting, vomit-inducing, things nopony should ever be exposed to.

    • Body horror
    • Gore
    • Extreme filth
    • Detailed solid or semi-solid bodily waste, such as poop or vomit

Other important tags

These tags define content that people often either want to filter out or specifically include. They also define very broad categories of content, so while not as important as the tags above, nevertheless these tags are very important and if they apply to your post, please use them appropriately! Not doing so could result in a ban from the server, and we don't want to lose you.

  • anthro — Non-humans with partial human body shapes not normal for their species, if it walks on two legs it's probably anthro (or semi-anthro)
  • artist:artist name — Specifies the artist of the work
  • artist needed — When you don't know the artist
  • author:author name — Specifies the author of the work
  • author needed — When you don't know the author
  • equestria girls — For characters and locations from the Equestria Girls series
  • futa — A female with a penis (totally gay); counts as its own gender for gender-based tags
  • humanized — When a non-human character looks like a human (not Equestria Girls, not anthro)
  • meta — Stuff about stuff
  • oc — Applied when any character in the work is an original character (not from the show but made by fans). In addition to this tag, you can specify the name of the character by adding an additional tag in the format of oc:oc name
  • seizure warning — Rapid animations or other content that could cause potential seizures
  • text — When the main point of your post is the text

Common tags

These are ones that are used on many posts, so we encourage you to also use them since, again, they provide good categorizations.

  • Character tags (e.g., twilight sparkle) — when the character is in the post
  • crossover — when elements from another media universe are combined with pony
  • ponified — when a non-pony character has been turned into a pony
  • shipping — characters are in a romantic or sexual relationship~
  • solo — when there is only one character in the post
  • solo female, solo mare, solo futa, solo male, and solo stallion — on content with a sexual content rating with only one character, specifying the gender of that character

Orientation Tags

These tags apply to any sexual or romantic act or relationship, and if you decide to use these tags only one should be used for each act or relationship depicted in the post.

  • bisexual — a character doing gay shit with a male and a female simultaneously (this means at the same time)
  • gay — two male characters doing gay shit together, whether or not they say, "no homo"
  • futa on female — a female and a futa character doing gay shit together
  • futa on futa — two futa characters doing gay shit together
  • futa on male — a male and a futa character doing gay shit together
  • lesbian — two female characters doing gay shit together
  • straight — a male and a female character doing straight shit together (megagay)
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