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Size: 743x1145 | Tagged: safe, artist:lightningbolt, derpibooru import, ponified, pegasus, pony, clothes, derpibooru exclusive, eyes closed, feather, grooming, image, lip piercing, male, mike fuentes, pierce the veil, piercing, png, preening, shirt, simple background, sitting, solo, stallion, .svg available, tattoo, transparent background, t-shirt, vector, wings


I expended very little time on this.

safe1827818 artist:lightningbolt921 derpibooru import2019459 ponified43879 pegasus307076 pony1032810 clothes498938 derpibooru exclusive3752 eyes closed98720 feather6272 grooming933 image234660 lip piercing1201 male375317 mike fuentes16 pierce the veil109 piercing44210 png142891 preening1108 shirt27095 simple background423531 sitting66881 solo1130806 stallion114175 .svg available8649 tattoo5950 transparent background214711 t-shirt4696 vector80288 wings141095