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Size: 900x900 | Tagged: safe, artist:sirspikensons, derpibooru import, pinkie pie, earth pony, pony, ponyville confidential, female, g4, image, mare, newspaper, png, simple background, transparent background, vector
Size: 2500x1758 | Tagged: safe, artist:bobthedalek, derpibooru import, octavia melody, vinyl scratch, oc, oc:mixed melody, oc:octavia's mother, earth pony, pony, unicorn, apron, atg 2024, chair, clothes, distressed, female, g4, horn, image, mare, messy mane, newbie artist training grounds, newspaper, octavia is not amused, panic, panicking, png, safety pin, scruffy, this will end in intensive mothering, trio, trio female, twig, unamused, unstoppable
Size: 3024x4032 | Tagged: safe, artist:goldenmidnight, derpibooru import, twilight sparkle, oc, oc:snowflake, apartment, forehead shadow, image, jpeg, manehattan, monochrome, mysterious, newbie artist training grounds, newspaper, offscreen character, trash, wanted poster
Size: 2000x1125 | Tagged: safe, artist:equestriaexploration, derpibooru import, pony, atg 2024, image, mouth hold, newbie artist training grounds, newspaper, png, sepia, snow shovel
Size: 2160x1620 | Tagged: safe, artist:felixmcfurry, derpibooru import, trixie, oc, oc:crinkle'cut'cookie, oc:dukedepthstar, oc:felixmcfurry (character), oc:lemon lime (felixmcfurry), oc:rex (publicfurry), oc:shithead, ambiguous species, anthro, cyborg, fennec fox, fox, pony, anthro oc, clothes, crying, cutie mark, fluffy pony oc, folf, french kiss, furry, furry oc, fursona, hood, hoodie, image, kissing, laughing, nails, newspaper, non-mlp oc, non-mlp shipping, non-pony oc, noose, oc x oc, png, protogen, rope, shipping, splotches, style test, tongue tied
Size: 2000x1125 | Tagged: safe, artist:equestriaexploration, derpibooru import, oc, oc:petro glyth, pony, atg 2024, image, newbie artist training grounds, newspaper, png, sepia
Size: 2000x1125 | Tagged: safe, artist:equestriaexploration, derpibooru import, oc, oc:hiero glyth, oc:petro glyth, unofficial characters only, pony, unicorn, atg 2024, clothes, dress, duo, duo male and female, female, horn, image, kissing, male, mare, monochrome, newbie artist training grounds, newspaper, png, sepia, shovel, stallion
Size: 1083x1510 | Tagged: safe, artist:maren, derpibooru import, zipp storm, pegasus, pony, g5, image, jpeg, newspaper, simple background, white background
Size: 4779x6013 | Tagged: safe, artist:adorkabletwilightandfriends, derpibooru import, doctor horse, doctor stable, twilight sparkle, twilight sparkle (alicorn), alicorn, comic:adorkable twilight and friends, adorkable, adorkable twilight, comic, cute, doctor, dork, hat, humor, image, mask, newspaper, nurse redheard, png, sad, shocked, sitting, slice of life
Size: 1105x1518 | Tagged: suggestive, artist:sparjechkaa, derpibooru import, alicorn, earth pony, pegasus, pony, unicorn, analingus, calm, commission, cunnilingus, face sitting, female, horn, image, jpeg, male, morning, newspaper, oral, poker face, quiet sex, sex, straight, ych sketch, your character here
Size: 38x140 | Tagged: safe, derpibooru import, screencap, button mash, grape pop, pony, ponyville confidential, cropped, cute, female, filly, foal, foal free press, g4, image, mouth hold, newspaper, not dinky hooves, picture for breezies, png, tail
Size: 1200x1200 | Tagged: safe, artist:bronyseph, artist:papdapossum, derpibooru import, rarity, pony, unicorn, ponyville confidential, angry, female, g4, horn, i'll destroy her, image, mare, newspaper, open mouth, png, reaction image, scene interpretation, solo
Size: 4200x2200 | Tagged: questionable, artist:ozthefreak98, derpibooru import, opalescence, pinkie pie, rarity, trixie, cat, equestria girls, assisted exposure, blushing, breasts, butt, censored, censored butt, embarrassed, embarrassed nude exposure, exhibitionism, female, g4, image, leaf, newspaper, nudity, on roof, png, public exposure, public nudity, reacting to nudity, rearity, sideboob, silhouette, towel, trembling, wind
Size: 4000x2729 | Tagged: safe, artist:sweettsa1t, derpibooru import, oc, unofficial characters only, earth pony, pony, armchair, book, bookshelf, chair, clothes, commission, conspiracy board, desk, female, flower, flower in hair, image, jpeg, lamp, mare, mouth hold, newspaper, pencil, shirt, sitting, solo, vest
Size: 1280x863 | Tagged: semi-grimdark, artist:darkhestur, derpibooru import, oc, unofficial characters only, undead, unicorn, vampire, barred window, blood, bust, color detail, crying, curtains, depression, horn, image, liter, lyrics in the description, newspaper, png, portrait, sadness, table, tears of blood
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