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Size: 6976x5116 | Tagged: artist:aleximusprime, artist:caliazian, artist:captainbritish, artist:disneymarvel96, artist:thesharp0ne, bowtie, bowties are cool, derpibooru import, doctor who, dragon, edit, fat, fat spike, fez, filly, filly flurry heart, hat, older, older flurry heart, older spike, princess flurry heart, safe, sonic screwdriver, spike, tardis, vector, vector edit, winged spike


Flurry Heart: Wow Spike! That’s a really nice Bow tie and Fez you have on!

Spike: Trust me Flurry, I wear Bow ties and fezzes now, And like always: Bow ties are forever cool.

Doctor Who ©BBC

Spike & Flurry Heart ©Hasbro

safe2236716 artist:aleximusprime1954 artist:caliazian194 artist:captainbritish58 artist:disneymarvel96223 artist:thesharp0ne26 derpibooru import2592812 edit173152 vector edit4528 princess flurry heart10061 spike96834 dragon79213 bowtie13913 bowties are cool50 doctor who3758 fat29420 fat spike519 fez637 filly88402 filly flurry heart107 hat120157 older36847 older flurry heart2247 older spike7395 sonic screwdriver653 tardis1543 vector92223 winged spike9658