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Size: 1700x2395 | Tagged: safe, artist:eqamrd, derpibooru import, surprise, oc, oc:gray rain, oc:kadaus, unofficial characters only, anthro, classical unicorn, horse, pony, unicorn, 2d, abs, age difference, anthro oc, areola, athletic, biceps, bipedal, butt, cloak, clothes, cloven hooves, comic, comic panel, confused, curved horn, dialogue, duo, english, gym, hair, high res, horn, horns, image, jpeg, leonine tail, locker room, lockers, long hair, long tail, magic, male, male nipples, multicolored hair, muscles, muscular male, nipples, nudity, older, older male, pants, partial nudity, pecs, potion, rainbow hair, stallion, standing, story included, strong, surprised, tail, talking, text, topless, unicorn oc, unshorn fetlocks, younger


Kadaus the rainbow unicorn and Gray Rain the horned horse go way back
They often go to gym together
Gray Rain is younger than Kadaus yet he's having quicker gains. He's much bigger so Kadaus looks up to him

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safe2281858 artist:eqamrd437 derpibooru import2659741 surprise3663 oc1011871 oc:gray rain36 oc:kadaus23 unofficial characters only625064 anthro390970 classical unicorn5681 horse4797 pony1417282 unicorn496247 2d1562 abs16034 age difference4916 anthro oc38282 areola28491 athletic311 biceps2132 bipedal43414 butt132285 cloak6083 clothes658498 cloven hooves15122 comic133079 comic panel270 confused6586 curved horn10781 dialogue94781 duo114844 english3484 gym1490 hair3106 high res60153 horn159610 horns10850 image943901 jpeg349710 leonine tail14224 locker room1905 lockers2456 long hair7939 long tail5137 magic96695 male501079 male nipples4141 multicolored hair11855 muscles19404 muscular male2069 nipples225410 nudity541400 older38018 older male19 pants21893 partial nudity31589 pecs1973 potion3029 rainbow hair4600 stallion166382 standing22978 story included12242 strong331 surprised12797 tail87349 talking11934 text98189 topless16248 unicorn oc26613 unshorn fetlocks44973 younger23419