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Size: 1024x739 | Tagged: safe, artist:marthageneric1999, artist:tardifice, color edit, edit, vector edit, lofty, pegasus, pony, g1, colored, cute, edited vector, female, flapping, flying, g1 to g4, g4, generation leap, image, lofty can fly, loftybetes, mare, png, simple background, smiling, solo, transparent background, vector


Lofty loves everything.

Based on Sunshower Raindrops.

safe2275111 artist:marthageneric19996 artist:tardifice969 color edit9486 edit175829 vector edit4693 lofty137 pegasus458332 pony1411050 g120868 colored26435 cute251670 edited vector66 female1438796 flapping820 flying53491 g1 to g44478 g443487 generation leap9188 image931953 lofty can fly2 loftybetes12 mare664199 png548856 simple background574242 smiling384989 solo1423217 transparent background270372 vector93194