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Size: 2301x2047 | Tagged: safe, artist:faitheverlasting, derpibooru import, hoity toity, prim hemline, zesty gourmand, earth pony, pony, unicorn, brother and sister, cloak, clothes, cloven hooves, cupcake, ear piercing, female, food, g4, gritted teeth, grumpy, happy, headcanon, headcanon in the description, horn, image, looking at each other, looking at someone, lying down, male, mare, nose wrinkle, open mouth, open smile, piercing, png, prone, rainbow cupcake, siblings, simple background, sisters, sitting, smiling, stallion, tail, teeth, transparent background, trio, unshorn fetlocks, zesty gourmand is not amused


Food n' Fashion

One of my favorite things about this fandom is when people take completely unrelated characters and make them either related or part of a couple! In the case of these three, I see them as siblings. Prim Hemline being the youngest, then Hoity Toity, then Zesty Gourmand as the oldest, jaded sibling.

Prim and Zesty made their big breaks in Manehattan while Hoity Toity left for Canterlot. All three are quite the elitists but Zesty has a bit of a complex. She is the only unicorn in her family and after spending time amongst Manehattan elites, most of whom ARE unicorns, she let it get to her head. Over time, she saw herself as better than her siblings so she distanced herself from them until neither Prim nor Hoity speak to her (or invite her to family gatherings).

Oh, they also have donkey blood in their heritage, too! I loved seeing Lopoddity make Hoity & Zesty have that so there's yet another reason Zesty sees to justify her leaving. But Hoity and Prim, while extremely hurt by their sister's viewpoints, don't let it spoil their own lives and passions.

Then Zesty meets Chancellor Neighsay... heaven knows how that will go.

safe2275054 artist:faitheverlasting128 derpibooru import2649771 hoity toity1139 prim hemline200 zesty gourmand297 earth pony398101 pony1411027 unicorn493549 brother and sister6607 cloak6057 clothes655317 cloven hooves15031 cupcake6968 ear piercing42988 female1438760 food108197 g443444 gritted teeth17048 grumpy3324 happy44115 headcanon3153 headcanon in the description372 horn156582 image931883 looking at each other32954 looking at someone12913 lying down40810 male498778 mare664187 nose wrinkle3699 open mouth225732 open smile21718 piercing63586 png548803 prone33236 rainbow cupcake229 siblings19999 simple background574209 sisters15444 sitting90141 smiling384979 stallion165540 tail85854 teeth19390 transparent background270344 trio17406 unshorn fetlocks44534 zesty gourmand is not amused1