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semi-grimdark38102 artist:epicheavytf268 artist:pyrogaming64 derpibooru import2649835 edit175826 vector edit4693 sunset shimmer85205 human224535 monster girl495 equestria girls273573 animated131958 blood32220 boyfriend (friday night funkin)48 boyfriend and girlfriend188 canterlot high3802 clothes655346 creepy5299 creepypasta1222 dark eyes98 evil3869 evil grin6181 eyes open988 female1438794 friday night funkin'539 g443487 girlfriend (friday night funkin)17 grin59140 holding5525 holding a weapon3 image931950 jacket19570 laughing11057 laughing mad67 looking down14137 machete291 mario madness10 microphone7380 monster2948 open mouth225738 shoes57319 simple background574241 smiling384989 song1568 song cover197 standing22707 statue3203 transparent background270372 vector93194 video2012 weapon43430 webm28055 with sound465