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Size: 4937x4102 | Tagged: safe, artist:givralix, derpibooru import, edit, vector edit, adagio dazzle, aria blaze, sonata dusk, human, equestria girls, brown eyes, brown hair, clothes, country, female, flag, g4, greece, greek, greek flag, headcanon, human coloration, image, light skin, looking at you, my little pony equestria girls: rainbow rocks, png, realism edits, simple background, smiling, the dazzlings, trio, vector, white background
safe2275085 artist:givralix116 derpibooru import2649809 edit175826 vector edit4693 adagio dazzle17096 aria blaze13098 sonata dusk17492 human224534 equestria girls273565 brown eyes1247 brown hair710 clothes655339 country102 female1438780 flag5935 g443467 greece90 greek394 greek flag1 headcanon3153 human coloration6610 image931922 light skin5812 looking at you258197 my little pony equestria girls: rainbow rocks67 png548833 realism edits74 simple background574224 smiling384987 the dazzlings5667 trio17407 vector93187 white background149311