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 1144x819 PNG 725 kB
Size: 1144x819 | Tagged: safe, artist:dashiemlpfim, derpibooru import, edit, editor:incredibubbleirishguy, vector edit, oc, oc:twivine sparkle, alicorn, adjusted, applejack's cutie mark, background removed, flowing hair, flowing mane, fluttershy's cutie mark, hoof shoes, image, improvement, pinkie pie's cutie mark, png, princess shoes, rainbow power, rainbow power-ified, rarity's cutie mark, redeemed, reformed, vector
safe2275042 artist:dashiemlpfim366 derpibooru import2649757 edit175824 editor:incredibubbleirishguy337 vector edit4693 oc1007592 oc:twivine sparkle61 alicorn311877 adjusted1 applejack's cutie mark107 background removed3231 flowing hair196 flowing mane3639 fluttershy's cutie mark242 hoof shoes8322 image931866 improvement69 pinkie pie's cutie mark107 png548791 princess shoes599 rainbow power3266 rainbow power-ified870 rarity's cutie mark110 redeemed2 reformed393 vector93187