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Size: 2126x2126 | Tagged: questionable, artist:hell ray, derpibooru import, oc, oc:brann flakes, oc:saggitha slap, unofficial characters only, earth pony, pony, unicorn, age difference, beauty mark, big crotchboobs, blood, bra, butt, chubby, clothes, crotchboobs, crotchbra, dialogue, dreadlocks, earth pony oc, female, grin, horn, hornboner, huge crotchboobs, image, implied lactation, impossibly large crotchboobs, male, mare, nervous sweat, nosebleed, nudity, plot, png, signature, smiling, speech bubble, stallion, stuck, sweat, tail, tail wrap, tunic, underwear, unicorn oc


He stays crunchy in milk

Saggitha Slap’s special udder bra came undone and she enlisted poor Brann Flakes for assistance. Being a “GentleColt”, he wouldn’t leave a poor foreign lady in distress…soooo there was really no need for Saggitha to pinn him to the wall with her generous weight until Brann finished the bow knot, was there? XD
Brann Flakes belong to Stranger Danger.
See MOAR of Brann and friend’s wacky adventures on [link]
If you’re wondering where Brann's roomate, Cookie is…shes probably crumbling cracking up in the corner and little Zippys raiding Brann’s fridge, cause free food.

questionable151893 artist:hell ray147 derpibooru import2649320 oc1007323 oc:brann flakes265 oc:saggitha slap137 unofficial characters only622280 earth pony398053 pony1410767 unicorn493438 age difference4846 beauty mark1544 big crotchboobs3730 blood32219 bra22246 butt131000 chubby18209 clothes655174 crotchboobs31389 crotchbra455 dialogue94194 dreadlocks1033 earth pony oc22221 female1438458 grin59121 horn156437 hornboner360 huge crotchboobs2791 image931377 implied lactation103 impossibly large crotchboobs5017 male498637 mare664006 nervous sweat508 nosebleed3012 nudity538120 plot102104 png548562 signature40659 smiling384891 speech bubble37629 stallion165502 stuck3720 sweat40226 tail85804 tail wrap8342 tunic280 underwear83518 unicorn oc26306