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Size: 4096x4096 | Tagged: safe, ai content, artist:venisoncreampie, derpibooru import, machine learning assisted, machine learning generated, stable diffusion, bramble, ocellus, changeling, deer, antlers, blushing, collar, cuddling, cute, derpibooru exclusive, duo, duo male and female, female, flower, forest, g4, generator:pony diffusion v6 xl, heart, hooves, image, looking at each other, looking at someone, male, nature, png, request, shipping, smiling, smiling at each other, tree


Bramble's Butterfly
Some affection can only bloom among the flowers.. surrounded by the whispering tranquility of nature's embrace~<3

Delightful little Request I was overjoyed to work with! >w<

safe2256921 ai content12490 artist:venisoncreampie49 derpibooru import2622991 machine learning assisted1388 machine learning generated20483 stable diffusion11024 bramble170 ocellus7011 changeling63484 deer9086 antlers3464 blushing272139 collar47259 cuddling11024 cute249790 derpibooru exclusive14069 duo110447 duo male and female4092 female1420437 flower38309 forest15331 g433235 generator:pony diffusion v6 xl2292 heart70393 hooves24836 image899155 looking at each other32286 looking at someone12188 male492928 nature2513 png529747 request4882 shipping259699 smiling379434 smiling at each other1937 tree50029