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Size: 2008x1772 | Tagged: questionable, alternate version, artist:triksa, derpibooru import, oc, oc:blackhole, oc:blaze inferno, unofficial characters only, pony, acid, acid bath, anus, balls, bed, bedroom, belly, belly bed, big belly, butt, dialogue, huge belly, image, impossibly large belly, internal, lip bite, male, nudity, png, ponut, squishy, stallion, stomach noise, tongue out, vore, x-ray, x-ray version
questionable150311 alternate version73659 artist:triksa239 derpibooru import2623007 oc995161 oc:blackhole24 oc:blaze inferno63 unofficial characters only615131 pony1393590 acid246 acid bath3 anus138062 balls108312 bed59242 bedroom17272 belly41386 belly bed3724 big belly21328 butt127961 dialogue92852 huge belly11151 image899199 impossibly large belly14658 internal5426 lip bite15133 male492934 nudity530563 png529762 ponut63071 squishy3297 stallion163386 stomach noise4586 tongue out149874 vore21139 x-ray10884 x-ray version44