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Just practicing in AI. done exclusively with TTS. Hope Сrade doesn't get mad at me.
Original art "3522593":https://ponybooru.org/images/3522593

suggestive194072 artist:crade771 ponerpics import13555 ponybooru import8475 apple bloom65063 applejack209965 oc995162 oc:anon15302 earth pony391717 human221684 pony1393595 animated130605 cringing415 female1420451 filly89334 foal34369 foalcon24476 human male8580 image899216 male492935 mare654919 monochrome181702 rvc40 sitting on person968 this will end in jail time430 this will end in pain2350 this will not end well2007 underage15983 voice321 webm27464