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Size: 1581x2343 | Tagged: safe, artist:polnocnykot, derpibooru import, gummy, pinkie pie, alligator, crocodile, earth pony, pony, april fools, balloon, beads, blue eyes, bracelet, bunting, cake, candle, candy, cannon, cliff, colored, confetti, cotton candy, cute, danger, decoration, duo, duo male and female, ear piercing, female, female focus, food, funny, gummy bear, happy, hat, holiday, image, jewelry, jpeg, male, mare, necklace, open mouth, party, party cannon, party hat, party horn, pet, piercing, playing card, shiny, shooting, sitting, slinky, smiling, solo focus, tail, tarot, tarot card, teeth, the fool, thread, toy


I finished painting a little before April 1st haha
So my Pinkie breaks into... tarot!

safe2285640 artist:polnocnykot120 derpibooru import2665440 gummy5817 pinkie pie271094 alligator1216 crocodile377 earth pony401628 pony1420706 april fools1277 balloon13309 beads461 blue eyes11879 bracelet15882 bunting16 cake13193 candle6836 candy10043 cannon1125 cliff1475 colored26718 confetti2602 cotton candy855 cute252757 danger367 decoration992 duo115541 duo male and female5030 ear piercing43461 female1449637 female focus9997 food108869 funny5539 gummy bear14 happy44346 hat123601 holiday38218 image950671 jewelry108982 jpeg351862 male502263 mare668839 necklace30608 open mouth227527 party2547 party cannon2108 party hat3614 party horn731 pet2374 piercing64188 playing card763 shiny4178 shooting697 sitting90868 slinky38 smiling388546 solo focus26329 tail88101 tarot247 tarot card957 teeth19699 the fool46 thread1019 toy26963