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Size: 2063x1161 | Tagged: safe, artist:drakizora, artist:melisareb, artist:memnoch, artist:not-yet-a-brony, derpibooru import, garble, princess ember, smolder, spike, dragon, 2022, brother and sister, christmas, crystal empire, december, embarrassed, ember is not amused, female, friendship, happy holidays, hearth's warming, holiday, image, laughing, male, mistletoe, png, prank, shipper on deck, siblings, song reference, unamused, youtube link in the description



At the Crystal Empire’s Hearth’s Warming Faire, Smolder and Spike set Garble and Ember up for a unique pony holiday tradition.

safe2118082 artist:drakizora128 artist:melisareb581 artist:memnoch921 artist:not-yet-a-brony185 derpibooru import2425650 garble2139 princess ember8548 smolder10981 spike93395 dragon73549 2022547 brother and sister5876 christmas19183 crystal empire2685 december65 embarrassed14199 ember is not amused48 female1302671 friendship1606 happy holidays189 hearth's warming1099 holiday32877 image673212 laughing10038 male451321 mistletoe2315 png398424 prank1662 shipper on deck1585 siblings16265 song reference3932 unamused20002 youtube link in the description327