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Size: 800x1896 | Tagged: safe, artist:missmoosemedia, oc, oc:bushmaster, oc:tardis, unofficial characters only, lamia, original species, pegasus, quetzalcoatl, snake, snake pony, colored wings, comic, cute, female, four wings, heart, heart eyes, image, love at first sight, male, multicolored wings, multiple wings, onomatopoeia, pegasus oc, png, sparkling, spread wings, surprised, three panel comic, wingboner, wingding eyes, wings


"My mountain pony, Tardis, meeting Bushmaster (my quetzal pony) for the first time. The colossal stallion likes his mares with big wings, and Tard has four of them along with an adventurous personality that only made him like her more. Tardis likes him at first for his beautiful coat pattern, but soon finds his aggressive, predatory nature to be just as attractive." -Artist's description

safe2118172 artist:missmoosemedia5 oc915718 oc:bushmaster1 oc:tardis1 unofficial characters only573167 lamia2857 original species35204 pegasus402151 quetzalcoatl55 snake3842 snake pony920 colored wings10027 comic126018 cute234793 female1302758 four wings122 heart63375 heart eyes20985 image673395 love at first sight23 male451367 multicolored wings3988 multiple wings697 onomatopoeia6824 pegasus oc25237 png398545 sparkling227 spread wings76690 surprised11632 three panel comic4 wingboner9517 wingding eyes29441 wings203189