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Size: 3000x3000 | Tagged: safe, artist:spiroudada, derpibooru import, oc, oc:dolly hooves, oc:silk gloves, pony, unicorn, blushing, bow, choker, clothes, collar, crossdressing, cute, dress, gloves, image, makeup, male, png, shoes, shy, stallion


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Hello to all!

So, today the drawing I'm going to show you is one of the most beautiful ones. It is a drawing of Dolly wearing the dress that Volpoune made in her artrade where she represented me as a princess. Because as you could see, I am an unconditional adorer of the dresses of princess and that's why I have a lot of fun to make my ocs wear this kind of clothes.

Now that I'm in the middle of August, it's time for a little personal review since I'll be gone on vacation next Tuesday and I won't be back until early September. There might be one or two more designs on this page but not more...

At first, I would have liked to do more drawings than what I did this summer. But the more the years go by, the more I realize that I am not made to work in the heat, with a cocktail in hand. However, I don't consider my vacation to have been unproductive. I was able to see my friends, go out, discover new things, get out of my comfort zone, in short, a lot of things. And then, if I have to be totally honest, I would say that I'm still in a transition phase with my activities as an illustrator (and also as a streamer and video editor) which are just starting to take off and need some regularity.
In a second time, when I will resume my activities in September, you should not expect me to be super active. Indeed, I have to prepare an internship project and, since it has to be done by the end of September, it will be my first priority. However, I will continue to draw, especially "showcase" drawings for my new price list or twitch banner for example, so that I can get all the necessary assets for my different networks.

I know that very few people are interested enough in my private life to read this huge, but to all of you who read it, I thank you for coming here.

I hope you like it

safe1994155 artist:spiroudada87 derpibooru import2253493 oc848118 oc:dolly hooves13 oc:silk gloves10 pony1169937 unicorn395052 blushing234144 bow35271 choker15963 clothes555802 collar40143 crossdressing11167 cute223171 dress51858 gloves24358 image487322 makeup27716 male419211 png291406 shoes46662 shy5116 stallion131879