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 1280x1469 PNG 166 kB
Size: 1280x1469 | Tagged: safe, artist:benpictures1, derpibooru import, pinkie pie, earth pony, pony, every little thing she does, adoracreepy, blank stare, creepy, cute, diapinkes, fiducia compellia, hypnosis, hypnotized, image, inkscape, looking at you, png, shrunken pupils, simple background, solo, thousand yard stare, transparent background, vector
safe2168297 artist:benpictures1535 derpibooru import2497051 pinkie pie258716 earth pony364269 pony1316963 every little thing she does1059 adoracreepy688 blank stare158 creepy4992 cute239927 diapinkes10999 fiducia compellia97 hypnosis5347 hypnotized2435 image754311 inkscape2707 looking at you235796 png445203 shrunken pupils4824 simple background536789 solo1351514 thousand yard stare757 transparent background258774 vector90261