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Size: 4000x4000 | Tagged: questionable, artist:czu, derpibooru import, edit, pistachio, earth pony, pony, abstract background, absurd resolution, blushing, clothes, crossdressing, diaper, diaper edit, diaper fetish, eye clipping through hair, fetish, frog (hoof), image, jpeg, looking back, male, open mouth, open smile, poofy diaper, raised hoof, raised leg, rear view, skirt, smiling, socks, solo, solo male, stallion, standing on two hooves, tail, thigh highs, underhoof
questionable131886 artist:czu866 derpibooru import2202535 edit153276 pistachio215 earth pony300629 pony1139611 abstract background18628 absurd resolution71142 blushing229292 clothes543650 crossdressing10999 diaper15926 diaper edit602 diaper fetish11793 eye clipping through hair7382 fetish50402 frog (hoof)15089 image432275 jpeg156943 looking back66989 male409198 open mouth175670 open smile6047 poofy diaper5059 raised hoof54238 raised leg9240 rear view14762 skirt45150 smiling298953 socks85732 solo1213774 solo male30113 stallion127638 standing on two hooves334 tail46032 thigh highs42435 underhoof58935