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Uploaded by Anonymous #D886
 3745x3407 PNG 2.79 MB
Size: 3745x3407 | Tagged: safe, artist:lincolnbrewsterfan, derpibooru import, oc, oc:nocturnal vision, alicorn, hengstwolf, pony, werewolf, wolf, wolf pony, .svg available, abdominal bulge, alicorn oc, appetite, bed, bedroom, belly, belly button, blood moon, chubby, claws, clothes, curled up, curved horn, dangling, dark, dark background, dark room, darkness, derpibooru exclusive, dock, dog nose, drawstrings, drool, drool stain, drool string, evil grin, exposed belly, face licking, fangs, featureless crotch, female, floppy ears, grin, growling, gut rest, hair, haunted, heart, heart hoof, highlights, hoodie, hooves, horn, hunger, hunger princess's hunger obsessions, hungry, image, imminent vore, indulging, inkscape, invitation, lazy, licking, licking lips, light, looking at you, lounging, mare, maw, moon, mouth, movie accurate, nc-tv, nc-tv signature, nc-tv:creator ponified, night, nocturnal vision's striped hoodie, obsession, open mouth, paw pads, paw prints, paws, plotting your demise, png, pocket, pointing, pointing at self, pony to wolf, presenting, pudgy, race swap, ravenous, realistic mane, red, red light, red sky, shadow, sharp teeth, shirt, shirt pull, shrunken pupils, signature, sitting, slit pupils, slouching, smiling, smiling at you, snarling, snug, spread legs, spreading, starving, stomach growl, stomach noise, striped hoodie, style emulation, sultry pose, tail, teeth, this will end in vore, tongue out, transformation, vector, watermouth, wing hands, wings, wood, wooden floor


Uh-oh, some wolf-pony is hungry for you... O_o

Yes...%I still have a big bit of a hunger obsession... c:% But, hey - that's what makes me unique, right? :D

If you follow my YouTube channel dedicated to this strange love, though... you'll understand the meaning of this pic. Wolves, hunger and favorite three things all united into one. The lover of them all. ;)

Don't take my hungry wolf ||vore|| implications too seriously, though...ok... ^

%personally I do feel like a huge wolf when I do get this hungry, however...maybe it's just how my tummy likes it? :D%

%won't be doing too many of these odd pics but I had to share this one. Plus, who doesn't like having a cute but ravenous beast in their friend circle? I sure would. :3%

Goodnight Derpi. 😴🌃 On my 40th ponysona upload, and the second for both this week and the start of 2022. 🥳😇

safe1998399 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan468 derpibooru import2259290 oc849982 oc:nocturnal vision51 alicorn266227 hengstwolf449 pony1173300 werewolf902 wolf2257 wolf pony301 .svg available9420 abdominal bulge7376 alicorn oc31690 appetite1 bed50087 bedroom13303 belly34637 belly button91350 blood moon345 chubby15918 claws5853 clothes556869 curled up355 curved horn8280 dangling108 dark5031 dark background1192 dark room270 darkness796 derpibooru exclusive7353 dock58331 dog nose10 drawstrings22 drool28443 drool stain12 drool string6540 evil grin5157 exposed belly196 face licking284 fangs31439 featureless crotch7621 female1216291 floppy ears59763 grin47751 growling426 gut rest66 hair2259 haunted68 heart58089 heart hoof635 highlights643 hoodie17601 hooves21190 horn112041 hunger27 hunger princess's hunger obsessions2 hungry683 image493726 imminent vore2612 indulging1 inkscape2384 invitation155 lazy257 licking23685 licking lips4834 light1805 looking at you205551 lounging312 mare553482 maw1043 moon26985 mouth747 movie accurate1449 nc-tv35 nc-tv signature49 nc-tv:creator ponified37 night31339 nocturnal vision's striped hoodie22 obsession176 open mouth182544 paw pads660 paw prints583 paws5793 plotting your demise16 png295051 pocket193 pointing4757 pointing at self150 pony to wolf1 presenting28896 pudgy169 race swap22038 ravenous1 realistic mane50 red802 red light62 red sky126 shadow5301 sharp teeth4777 shirt31270 shirt pull153 shrunken pupils4037 signature31492 sitting74690 slit pupils1310 slouching69 smiling309663 smiling at you9062 snarling183 snug43 spread legs23377 spreading24065 starving110 stomach growl193 stomach noise3852 striped hoodie20 style emulation4281 sultry pose2291 tail50328 teeth13120 this will end in vore125 tongue out128790 transformation13811 vector85574 watermouth1 wing hands2369 wings178521 wood907 wooden floor253