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Size: 1521x1122 | Tagged: baff, bafflista, ballista, crack shipping, cropped, derpibooru import, dragon, dragon quest, edit, edited screencap, emble, female, fume, garble, gauntlet of fire, heart, male, princess ember, prominence, promispear, safe, screencap, shipping, shipping domino, spear (dragon), straight, triple shipping domino


Promispear (Spear x Prominence)

Emble (Garble x Ember)

Bafflista (Baff x Ballista)

safe1827784 derpibooru import2019422 edit142694 edited screencap66348 screencap227447 baff88 ballista131 fume240 garble1906 princess ember7113 prominence249 spear (dragon)239 dragon60484 dragon quest953 gauntlet of fire1533 bafflista5 crack shipping3922 cropped50998 emble73 female1087984 heart51315 male375317 promispear2 shipping217713 shipping domino1127 straight145452 triple shipping domino2