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Size: 1280x1066 | Tagged: 3d, amputee, artist:pika-robo, barley barrel, barleybetes, barrel twins, black background, brother and sister, colt, cute, daaaaaaaaaaaw, derpibooru import, female, filly, fufflebetes, hug, kerfuffle, looking down, looking up, male, pegasus, pickle barrel, picklebetes, ponies riding ponies, pony, prosthetic leg, prosthetic limb, prosthetics, rainbow roadtrip, riding, safe, siblings, simple background, source filmmaker, trio, twins, winghug


Best ponies from Hope Hallows. No need to make anyone else!

Don’t worry about Kerfuffle, that prosthetic is sturdier than it looks.

safe1800922 artist:pika-robo345 derpibooru import1981625 barley barrel219 kerfuffle557 pickle barrel194 pegasus298968 pony1012141 rainbow roadtrip1452 3d80921 amputee5038 barleybetes38 barrel twins133 black background5701 brother and sister4812 colt15482 cute204173 daaaaaaaaaaaw3682 female1067926 filly68200 fufflebetes112 hug29783 looking down9056 looking up17022 male367761 picklebetes36 ponies riding ponies2278 prosthetic leg905 prosthetic limb3133 prosthetics3638 riding5900 siblings10871 simple background415220 source filmmaker49320 trio9168 twins2410 winghug3036