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Size: 1703x1150 | Tagged: safe, artist:kaylathehedgehog, derpibooru import, rarity (g3), toola roola, earth pony, pony, crystal heart, cute, element of creativity, elements of harmony, g3, g3 to g4, g4, generation leap, not twilight sparkle, paintbrush, painting, roolabetes, solo, toola roola will be painting away
safe2256921 artist:kaylathehedgehog119 derpibooru import2622991 rarity (g3)452 toola roola978 earth pony391712 pony1393581 g39023 crystal heart1172 cute249790 element of creativity5 elements of harmony2965 g3 to g41417 g433235 generation leap8891 not twilight sparkle557 paintbrush2177 painting4884 roolabetes40 solo1409479 toola roola will be painting away23