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Size: 1758x1080 | Tagged: safe, artist:sveta kuklina, derpibooru import, clover (g1), meadowlark, starlight (g1), earth pony, pony, g1, my little pony tales, cloud, confused, dazed, duo, female, flower, football, happy, image, mare, oblivious, png, rain, raincloud, rose, sad, siblings, simple background, sisters, smug, sports, spotlight, white background


Not so clever Clover.

safe2281840 artist:sveta kuklina30 derpibooru import2659718 clover (g1)210 meadowlark32 starlight (g1)194 earth pony400408 pony1417273 g120958 my little pony tales1500 cloud42604 confused6585 dazed184 duo114840 female1445803 flower39126 football1991 happy44265 image943878 mare667232 oblivious648 png555504 rain7987 raincloud237 rose5358 sad31591 siblings20187 simple background576822 sisters15574 smug9255 sports6516 spotlight1886 white background150135