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Size: 4817x2343 | Tagged: safe, artist:inkp0ne, derpibooru import, oc, oc:phalena rosa, changeling, insect, moth, mothling, original species, backpack, campfire, camping, chest fluff, cloud, cloudy, coat markings, commissioner:dhs, damaged, detailed background, fangs, forest, freckles, handkerchief, hiking, image, insect wings, lantern, mountain, nature, png, railing, river, sad, socks (coat marking), species swap, tattered, tattered wings, tent, trail, tree, water, wings
safe2281874 artist:inkp0ne208 derpibooru import2659775 oc1011893 oc:phalena rosa15 changeling64440 insect8643 moth1352 mothling430 original species38921 backpack2709 campfire1526 camping524 chest fluff60655 cloud42610 cloudy6892 coat markings7214 commissioner:dhs112 damaged175 detailed background2592 fangs39368 forest15698 freckles43591 handkerchief612 hiking69 image943937 insect wings600 lantern2557 mountain7471 nature2906 png555548 railing365 river2673 sad31591 socks (coat marking)6277 species swap27615 tattered153 tattered wings64 tent1231 trail342 tree51090 water23598 wings239443