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Size: 6590x6264 | Tagged: safe, artist:squirrelkitty76, derpibooru import, violette rainbow, human, pony, unicorn, g5, amputee, backwards ballcap, baseball cap, bingo love, blushing, cap, clothes, coat, costume, crutches, dark skin, dc comics, dreadlocks, dress, elle, female, filly, foal, hat, hazel johnson, heart, heart eyes, holding hands, image, lesbian, looking at you, mari mccray, marvel, pants, png, prosthetic limb, prosthetics, rearing, shirt, smiling, sun-spider, superhero, superhero costume, tail, unshorn fetlocks, vitiligo, vixen (dc comics), wingding eyes


Art Dump 20- Tee Franklin Appreciation

Some fanart of characters featured or will be featured in stories written by Tee Franklin cuz I'm a bit of a fan, lol

safe2256917 artist:squirrelkitty761 derpibooru import2622982 violette rainbow172 human221683 pony1393567 unicorn486478 g577929 amputee6496 backwards ballcap1150 baseball cap2808 bingo love1 blushing272137 cap6511 clothes647395 coat4007 costume40540 crutches66 dark skin7072 dc comics1955 dreadlocks1008 dress60799 elle2 female1420429 filly89333 foal34368 hat121443 hazel johnson1 heart70392 heart eyes23222 holding hands3949 image899081 lesbian128368 looking at you254396 mari mccray1 marvel2041 pants21432 png529725 prosthetic limb4167 prosthetics4901 rearing7320 shirt38393 smiling379432 sun-spider1 superhero1981 superhero costume137 tail82081 unshorn fetlocks43282 vitiligo262 vixen (dc comics)1 wingding eyes33731