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Size: 2085x1169 | Tagged: safe, artist:ahobobo, derpibooru import, oc, oc:quick strike, unofficial characters only, pony, unicorn, arrow, barrel, bow (weapon), bow and arrow, brick wall, commission, female, frustrated, horn, image, knife, mare, png, searching, sickle, solo, spear, sword, unicorn oc, wall, weapon
safe2118166 artist:ahobobo261 derpibooru import2425796 oc915705 oc:quick strike9 unofficial characters only573154 pony1273621 unicorn437411 arrow2632 barrel1973 bow (weapon)1652 bow and arrow1049 brick wall836 commission110961 female1302742 frustrated698 horn126482 image673358 knife6648 mare596869 png398529 searching110 sickle114 solo1319158 spear2982 sword13969 unicorn oc21465 wall965 weapon39778