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Originally posted on: July 22, 2022 at 11:30 PM UTC

Water Unicorn Adopt - OPEN
This water unicorn is now available for auction!!
This is a female unicorn who is capable of elemental magic, though she mainly uses water and/or ice. She's about the same size as Princess Luna and she doesnt talk very much.
(Obviously you're allowed to change anything about this little info section once the unicorn has been bought.)
This auction will last 24 hours after the highest bid has been made.
To place your bid, please reply to the comment below this post
- If you win the adoption auction, you will be sent a note on how to get into contact with me, in order to receive your new adopt.
- Once you receive the adoptable, you are welcome to change the design in any way, you will have free reign.
- If someone bids higher than you, then delete your previous comment, and replace it with the higher bid.
- you cannot add any less than the minimal increase for each bid or it wont count. (eg if someone bids £42, you cant follow up that bid with £40)
- please dont argue in the comments if someone bids higher than you. Its all fair game for everyone.
Starting Bid: £40
minimal increase: £2
Auto Buy 1: £130
I wish you all the best of luck in this auction!! Once the highest bidder has won the fursona, this post will be deleted, and the winner will be sent a note.