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Size: 3341x2357 | Tagged: questionable, artist:mr_otter_breath, derpibooru import, queen chrysalis, changeling, changeling queen, bottom heavy, bugbutt, butt, butt jiggle, chrysalass, female, huge butt, image, impossibly large butt, jiggle, jpeg, large butt, looking at you, looking back, looking back at you, plot, presenting, solo, solo female, talking to viewer, the ass was fat, thick


Queen Chrysalis is attention-hungry and needs appraisal...
Neat little experiment while I'm not working, hope you like~!

questionable140544 artist:mr_otter_breath4 derpibooru import2425822 queen chrysalis41659 changeling59235 changeling queen17127 bottom heavy956 bugbutt1848 butt108202 butt jiggle263 chrysalass27 female1302764 huge butt14375 image673401 impossibly large butt9348 jiggle2061 jpeg249014 large butt27142 looking at you225807 looking back75106 looking back at you21904 plot93376 presenting31169 solo1319163 solo female216987 talking to viewer4491 the ass was fat17332 thick5492