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Size: 3115x2177 | Tagged: safe, artist:lupin quill, derpibooru import, nightmare moon, princess celestia, anthro, unguligrade anthro, fanfic:nightmare moons rubenesque revenge, series:nightmare moons rubenesque revenge (weight gain), armor, armor skirt, bbw, belly, big breasts, breasts, busty princess celestia, cake, cakelestia, castle of the royal pony sisters, chainmail, chubby, chubbylestia, clothes, dialogue, dress, fanfic art, fat, fat fetish, fetish, food, helmet, image, magic, mind control, open mouth, png, skirt, spread wings, thighs, this will end in weight gain, thunder thighs, weight gain, weight gain sequence, wide hips, wingboner, wings
safe2285647 artist:lupin quill1407 derpibooru import2665449 nightmare moon21185 princess celestia119783 anthro392248 unguligrade anthro65258 fanfic:nightmare moons rubenesque revenge3 series:nightmare moons rubenesque revenge (weight gain)3 armor31794 armor skirt266 bbw5474 belly42249 big breasts124505 breasts387547 busty princess celestia13789 cake13194 cakelestia1301 castle of the royal pony sisters936 chainmail288 chubby18328 chubbylestia1111 clothes660337 dialogue95026 dress61928 fanfic art19802 fat30168 fat fetish3137 fetish63015 food108870 helmet15617 image950680 magic96905 mind control4899 open mouth227528 png559833 skirt53745 spread wings89981 thighs28006 this will end in weight gain516 thunder thighs15557 weight gain5622 weight gain sequence1397 wide hips30435 wingboner9907 wings240417