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Size: 605x459 | Tagged: artist:secretgoombaman12345, ask chubby diamond, belly, big belly, bon bon, chubby diamond, clothes, derpibooru import, diamond tiara, fat, female, lyra heartstrings, morbidly obese, obese, one-piece swimsuit, questionable, simpsons did it, stuck, sweetie drops, swimming pool, swimsuit, the simpsons, umbrella, water, water slide
questionable151930 artist:secretgoombaman123451558 derpibooru import2649818 bon bon19864 diamond tiara13186 lyra heartstrings35592 sweetie drops19864 ask chubby diamond626 belly41954 big belly21621 chubby diamond487 clothes655343 fat29988 female1438781 morbidly obese10574 obese15494 one-piece swimsuit6132 simpsons did it459 stuck3720 swimming pool4535 swimsuit42643 the simpsons2162 umbrella3868 water23369 water slide68