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Size: 2845x2640 | Tagged: safe, artist:venommocity, derpibooru import, oc, oc:love letter, pony, unicorn, black background, blood, female, image, mare, nosebleed, offspring, parent:princess cadance, parent:shining armor, parents:shiningcadance, png, simple background, solo


"Blood must have blood."

ok so i got this absolutely stunning commission from venomlion3

(i am swooning and crying over this look how pretty)

and i fell in love so hard with Venom's drawing that i decided to make it canon lol

i dunno who Love's fighting here. maybe Flurry punched her, or maybe she gets attacked on the streets by ponies looking to mug her (who are also unaware she's their Queen).

  • it was probably Flurry though. Flurry returns home from her rehabilitation (where she learns to survive without a horn), only to discover another mess waiting for her at the Empire. Love's rule has shifted into something bordering on tyrannical, and Flurry's the only one who seems to realize that.

  • Love welcomes her sister back coldly, absently. they have never been close, and Love has also never considered Flurry Heart a threat (especially not now that she's missing a horn), so Love is indifferent to her return. Flurry demands to know what's happening. why has the crystal glow of the Empire's citizens dimmed and dulled? and why on every plane of existence did she see a public execution display in the middle of the city?

  • Love gives her nothing but the truth. all of her practices are necessary means for keeping the Empire in check. besides, if her rule was so terrible, why was there not a single whisper of rebellion? not a single opposer? the Crystal Ponies adore her.

  • they argue. Flurry grows frustrated, angry- she's always hated her sister, and now Love's practically destroyed the home she grew up in. Love can't execute people, she claims. it's never been their way. and it's not her right to decide when someone's life should be taken.

  • Love disagrees. of course she can. she can do whatever she wants, although she doesn't say that. she was careful to impose her practices slowly, gradually, so as not to overwhelm her subjects. she conditioned them over a long period of time, and she won't have Flurry openly opposing her about it now.

  • Flurry hits her. she hits her hard, and she doesn't exactly mean to- she's never hit anyone in her life, but Love has been so calm throughout their entire conversation. calm and unbothered like she always is, and it enrages Flurry- Love's always been so frustratingly unresponsive, so devoid of emotion that it makes Flurry feel like she's crazy.

  • it's like she can't help herself. she strikes Love right across her eye, but Love takes the punch as if it's nothing. spits out the blood pooling in her mouth and laughs in Flurry's face as her eye turns a deep red, instantly bruised.

  • Flurry has no idea what she's just started.

safe1935622 artist:venommocity134 derpibooru import2171516 oc815006 oc:love letter57 pony1119927 unicorn375307 black background6500 blood27786 female1167798 image398990 mare528167 nosebleed2600 offspring46072 parent:princess cadance2025 parent:shining armor1655 parents:shiningcadance1134 png240462 simple background460513 solo1199212