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Uploaded by Anonymous #C8AA
 776x511 PNG 127 kB
Size: 776x511 | Tagged: source needed, semi-grimdark, alternate version, artist:taeko, derpibooru import, scootaloo, pegasus, pony, fanfic:pegasus device, fanfic:rainbow factory, absentia, absentia's cutie mark, alternate ending, alternate hairstyle, alternate universe, bad shading, big ears, black background, black hoodie, black suit, blood, blood on ear, bloodshot eye, crying, cutie mark, evil, evil grin, evil scootaloo, eviloo, factory absentia, factory scootaloo, fanart, fanfic art, female, females only, good vs evil, grin, gritted teeth, image, long neck, mare, mares only, messy mane, my little pony, older, older scootaloo, orange body, pegasus device, png, purple eyes, purple mane, rainbow factory au, rainbow factory logo, rainbow factory worker, rainbow factory worker scootaloo, red pupil, sad, scootaloo's cutie mark, scootasad, shading edit, shading practice, simple background, small wings, smiling, solo, solo female, solo focus, spikey mane, thunderbolt, transparent cutie marks, two sides, what if, wings


The horribly shaded version of my other picture.

source needed18408 semi-grimdark36338 alternate version68364 artist:taeko64 derpibooru import2493650 scootaloo62340 pegasus419049 pony1314814 fanfic:pegasus device82 fanfic:rainbow factory1716 absentia106 absentia's cutie mark14 alternate ending610 alternate hairstyle35819 alternate universe12563 bad shading14 big ears1314 black background8043 black hoodie50 black suit61 blood30566 blood on ear2 bloodshot eye9 crying53411 cutie mark63511 evil3663 evil grin5709 evil scootaloo60 eviloo33 factory absentia15 factory scootaloo301 fanart2707 fanfic art18886 female1342557 females only17548 good vs evil59 grin54221 gritted teeth15847 image750579 long neck1279 mare616677 mares only21 messy mane9787 my little pony4745 older35291 older scootaloo2730 orange body30 pegasus device189 png443114 purple eyes4448 purple mane1393 rainbow factory au12 rainbow factory logo55 rainbow factory worker11 rainbow factory worker scootaloo17 red pupil3 sad30283 scootaloo's cutie mark17 scootasad112 shading edit18 shading practice95 simple background536113 small wings748 smiling352064 solo1349970 solo female222172 solo focus23776 spikey mane39 thunderbolt159 transparent cutie marks2 two sides315 what if250 wings212922