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Size: 768x991 | Tagged: grimdark, artist:abbyboo55, derpibooru import, rainbow dash, scootaloo, oc, oc:wooden toaster, pegasus, pony, fanfic:pegasus device, fanfic:rainbow factory, absentia, alternate cutie mark, alternate ending, alternate timeline, blue body, crossed arms, crying, curly mane, curly tail, evil, evil grin, evil oc, evil scootaloo, eviloo, factory absentia, factory scootaloo, fanfic art, female, females only, filly, floppy ears, flying, folded wings, furrowed brow, glow, green eyes, green mane, grin, gritted teeth, group of three, happy, image, jpeg, large wings, liquid rainbow, mare, mares only, messy mane, multicolored hair, multicolored mane, my little pony, no eyebrows, no eyelashes, no outlines, oh no, orange body, pegasus device, pleased, purple eyes, rainbow factory dash, rainbow factory worker, rainbow factory workers, rainbow hair, rainbow tail, raised hoof, raised leg, shading, shiny mane, shrunken pupils, small wings, smiling, spectra, spikey mane, spikey tail, splatter, syringe, tail, tears of joy, what if, wings, yellow body


grimdark38895 artist:abbyboo554 derpibooru import2681443 rainbow dash297790 scootaloo65226 oc1022423 oc:wooden toaster361 pegasus465977 pony1431470 fanfic:pegasus device85 fanfic:rainbow factory1820 absentia109 alternate cutie mark2783 alternate ending659 alternate timeline3853 blue body254 crossed arms7025 crying56625 curly mane1702 curly tail846 evil3924 evil grin6299 evil oc10 evil scootaloo60 eviloo33 factory absentia15 factory scootaloo302 fanfic art19867 female1461540 females only19016 filly91523 floppy ears70326 flying54131 folded wings14983 furrowed brow341 glow15877 green eyes9491 green mane986 grin60057 gritted teeth17291 group of three1 happy44619 image971064 jpeg360288 large wings2706 liquid rainbow270 mare674179 mares only21 messy mane11067 multicolored hair12164 multicolored mane4449 my little pony5049 no eyebrows8 no eyelashes62 no outlines5 oh no422 orange body53 pegasus device191 pleased281 purple eyes5611 rainbow factory dash610 rainbow factory worker11 rainbow factory workers4 rainbow hair4725 rainbow tail724 raised hoof67422 raised leg12177 shading4209 shiny mane975 shrunken pupils5442 small wings1014 smiling392241 spectra195 spikey mane41 spikey tail1 splatter124 syringe1128 tail90367 tears of joy3271 what if282 wings243389 yellow body80