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Uploaded by Anonymous #95D2
 800x700 PNG 715 kB
Size: 800x700 | Tagged: safe, anonymous editor, artist:bakki, edit, princess celestia, princess luna, rainbow dash, alicorn, pony, bump, christmas, clothes, costume, cute, female, filly, flying, hat, holiday, mare, plushie, png, present, santa claus, santa costume, santa hat, santa woona, sleigh, woona, younger
safe1755256 anonymous editor249 artist:bakki621 edit136797 princess celestia98191 princess luna101951 rainbow dash241077 alicorn228110 pony975616 bump335 christmas14807 clothes474322 costume29870 cute199707 female1033795 filly65950 flying38246 hat87694 holiday22903 mare466657 plushie24263 png76744 present6103 santa claus437 santa costume1582 santa hat6266 santa woona15 sleigh275 woona5149 younger18160