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Uploaded by Anonymous #768C
 110x100 GIF 18 kB
Size: 110x100 | Tagged: animated, artist:botchan-mlp, beret, cute, derpibooru import, desktop ponies, female, g3, g3.5, g3.5 to g4, g3betes, g3 to g4, generation leap, hat, mare, pixel art, roolabetes, running, safe, simple background, solo, sprite, toola roola, transparent background, trotting, walk cycle
safe2281842 artist:botchan-mlp750 derpibooru import2659721 toola roola979 g39205 animated132483 beret2724 cute252353 desktop ponies1696 female1445805 g3 to g41431 g3.51576 g3.5 to g4139 g3betes161 generation leap9319 hat123302 mare667232 pixel art15278 roolabetes40 running8147 simple background576823 solo1427902 sprite3022 transparent background271155 trotting2009 walk cycle554