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 1966x1802 PNG 315 kB
Size: 1966x1802 | Tagged: safe, artist:spritecranbirdie, derpibooru import, toola roola, earth pony, pony, canvas, cute, cutie mark, eyes closed, female, g3, heart, mare, mouth hold, paintbrush, painting, profile, roolabetes, simple background, solo
safe2281838 artist:spritecranbirdie74 derpibooru import2659714 toola roola979 earth pony400407 pony1417271 g39205 canvas500 cute252351 cutie mark67000 eyes closed133154 female1445801 heart71964 mare667231 mouth hold22581 paintbrush2202 painting4954 profile8198 roolabetes40 simple background576819 solo1427900