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Size: 2248x2128 | Tagged: safe, artist:taneysha, derpibooru import, twilight sparkle, twilight sparkle (alicorn), alicorn, pony, butt, cute, dialogue, ear fluff, featured image, female, heart, high res, image, jpeg, looking at you, looking between legs, mare, open mouth, plot, purple background, silly, silly pony, simple background, solo, twiabetes, twibutt, upside down


Twilight Sparkle found you ✨#pony #MLPFiM #mlp #Twilight

safe1935614 artist:taneysha315 derpibooru import2171497 twilight sparkle336101 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135604 alicorn256248 pony1119922 butt85812 cute217304 dialogue75732 ear fluff35338 featured image56 female1167787 heart55273 high res37182 image398971 jpeg143895 looking at you195260 looking between legs802 mare528165 open mouth172318 plot84931 purple background3720 silly7999 silly pony3147 simple background460508 solo1199206 twiabetes12415 twibutt6014 upside down6267