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I’m a sucker for EQG Rarity singing/dancing gifs, so I decided to set her “duet” with Sour Sweet to music. Full song here if you’re interested…

Class Action – “Weekend” ©1983 Sleeping Bag Records

safe1827739 derpibooru import2019369 edit142694 editor:someguy84540 screencap227420 rarity193210 sour sweet3550 dance magic1641 equestria girls217449 spoiler:eqg specials5642 animated104865 cute206585 dancing8926 discovery family logo11585 duet128 duo64750 ear piercing28373 earring22566 female1087945 freckles31414 hooped earrings296 invisible stallion248 jewelry71694 music3127 piercing44208 raribetes5318 singing6726 sound8007 sourbetes144 webm15316