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Uploaded by Anonymous #6429
 308x474 PNG 62 kB
Size: 308x474 | Tagged: abyssinian, anthro, capper dapperpaws, cat, clothes, coat, derpibooru import, digitigrade anthro, looking at you, my little pony: the movie, official, safe, simple background, solo, stupid sexy capper, white background


Capper, a smooth-talking (and singing) con-artist, was once a swanky aristocrat living the high-life with pride and dignity. That is, until Storm King came into power. A deal gone wrong turned Capper’s threads on fleek into colorless rags, leaving Capper penniless and in a lifelong debt with the Storm King. To make ends meet, he relies on his wit and charm, distracting unsuspecting victims from his quick hands and swift tail. Capper’s crimes aren’t driven by malice. At his core, he feels a deep insecurity at his fall from grace, and believes his appearance dictates his status