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Tag Aliases

Tag aliases are used to correct common typos and to canonicalize various spellings into one tag, amongst other things.

This tag.... goes to this tag
xj-9jenny wakeman (168 posts)
xj9jenny wakeman (168 posts)
xkxk-class end-of-the-world scenario (2482 posts)
xk-classxk-class end-of-the-world scenario (2482 posts)
xk-class end-of-reality scenarioxk-class end-of-the-world scenario (2482 posts)
xmaschristmas (17117 posts)
xmas treechristmas tree (4895 posts)
xplayx-play (4 posts)
xrayx-ray (8980 posts)
xtra xreditcomic:xtra xredit (9 posts)
yak helmethonorary yak horns (79 posts)
yakutiantaiga pony (709 posts)
yakutian horsetaiga pony (709 posts)
yaoigay (33249 posts)
yawningyawn (1568 posts)
ychyour character here (15886 posts)
ych auctionyour character here (15886 posts)
ych closedyour character here (15886 posts)
ych commishesyour character here (15886 posts)
ych commissionyour character here (15886 posts)
ych opyour character here (15886 posts)
ych openyour character here (15886 posts)
ych-auctionyour character here (15886 posts)
ychopenyour character here (15886 posts)
yeah!yeah (159 posts)
yhsrettulfoc:yhsrettulf (51 posts)
yo-kaiyoukai (151 posts)
yobapekaface (48 posts)
yokaiyoukai (151 posts)
yonabetesyonadorable (704 posts)
you fucked upnow you fucked up (310 posts)
you want this cakedo you want this cake (36 posts)
you're all going to get rapedyou gonna get raped (24 posts)
you're gonna get rapedyou gonna get raped (24 posts)
youcapyoutube caption (6502 posts)
young granny titsbusty young granny smith (84 posts)
young sixstudent six (1788 posts)
your head asplodeexploding head (32 posts)
your post gave me cancerthat post gave me cancer (15 posts)
youvitaphoneyovidaphone (203 posts)
yoyoyo-yo (85 posts)
ytpyoutube poop (403 posts)
yu-gi-ohyu-gi-oh! (1037 posts)
yugiohyu-gi-oh! (1037 posts)
yugioh 5dsyu-gi-oh! 5d's (134 posts)
yugioh gxyu-gi-oh! gx (39 posts)
yugioh zexalyu-gi-oh! zexal (13 posts)
yurilesbian (114303 posts)
yōkaiyoukai (151 posts)
zazecora (10476 posts)