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The next set of the citrus kids! We're half of the way done! We have a set a triplets coming and then the last ones are the youngest and I know that at least one will be in "child" form, like the CMC, but I'm not sure about the others. I've been thinking about what ages the ponies are and at what age they appear like adults. Like how old are the CMC anyway? I know the ages of my characters... but I wonder how that will affect their appearance in the universe. If anyone has any suggests for headcanon ages of the CMC and mane 6, please let me know in the comments.

Little note, the twins are shorter than average and like to joke with their big sister Lemon because she has Little in her name but they don't.

From Left to Right

Name: Pink Grapefruit
Special Talent: Writing up fair contracts
Personality: Taking after her father a lot, she's a very confident and smooth talking pony. She started out her career working along side her father, picking up tips and tricks of the trade and learning the subtle social ques and nuances in deal making. While she has the sales pony attitude, she's never been a swindler, but instead really enjoys making sure that everyone comes out of a deal with their fair share. After leaving home, she's worked on call for a bunch of different companies and does very well for herself. Can seem "bitchy", but she's really just a boss lady who gets things done.

Name: White Grapefruit
Special Talent: Reviving dead or almost dead plants
Personality: Almost the complete opposite of her twin sister, more reserved and unsure. Prone to anxiety attacks, White likes to stay in her greenhouse because it's a calming and peaceful environment and she feels useful there. Pink did a lot of the talking for them as kids, so White is a tad stunted in social graces. She mostly enjoys the company of her family, the ponies she trusts more than any other. Secretly wishes she was a unicorn because the science of magic really intrigues her.

Name: Mellow Pomelo
Special Talent: Working with special needs ponies and creatures
Personality: Though his name would suggest a very calm and laid back guy, Mellow was not the best suited name for him in his youth. He was almost always in trouble, having far too much energy to keep calm or sit still in most situations, and ended up running around with the wrong crowd. One mistake lead to another, and he ended up in juvenile detention. This was the best thing for him though because he was able to figure out why he was getting into so much trouble, and was diagnosed with ADHD and depression. With a proper team of doctors and councilors behind him, he was able to get on the medicine he needed and start rebuilding his life. It was in juvenile detention that he learned his talent actually, and now he is one of the most patient and calm ponies you'll come across, happy to spend his life helping others in ways he was helped and more.

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