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I pray you’ll be my eyes

And watch her where she goes

And help her to be wise

Help me to let go...

( x )

Another sequel to this.

When Wintertide first had Rigel and Edana, she was absolutely certain she wasn’t going to experience any more heartache and loss like she did before. Though she and Grogar both agreed making any children immortal would take far too much of a toll on him, she had hoped she could have them all with her while they lived out their natural lives at home. But that hope was destroyed with Edana’s choice to run away in her early adulthood. Wintertide takes Edana’s actions to be a direct result of her being a bad mother, especially since Monsoon Blossom had also chosen to leave her in favor of the Rebellion years before. She doesn’t understand what she could have done wrong to make her second daughter leave, but she blames herself as much as Grogar and Rigel blame themselves for her leaving.

Wintertide would spend some time down by the shore at night when her insomnia was at its worst looking out into the ocean thinking about Edana and praying she was okay. Countless times she considered leaving, too, so she could go look for her, but for the sake of her husband and son she didn’t. Still, Edana was always on her mind and she kept up some hope that maybe one day she would come back home.