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Size: 275x370 | Tagged: safe, artist:wbp, derpibooru import, oc, oc:izama boa, original species, rattlesnake, snake, snake pony, big ears, claws, fangs, gradient background, heart, hooves, image, looking at you, male, markings, png, rattle, scales, shiny skin, sitting, smiling, smiling at you, solo, solo male, spiky mane, underbelly, white hair


Izama Boa

Rattle snake pony

Age: 19

Venomous (Paralyzing Aphrodisiac)


Eager to meet others

Not very good with pony language yet but is trying his best

Noms tasty food on sight instinctively (especially sweets or sometimes even tasty looking butts)

Prefers hotter climates or beachy environments

Receiving pets, food and love/lewd are his weaknesses UwU

safe1958278 artist:wbp89 derpibooru import2202502 oc827297 oc:izama boa9 original species31506 rattlesnake73 snake3368 snake pony791 big ears1046 claws5706 fangs30533 gradient background15403 heart56273 hooves20695 image432241 looking at you198671 male409194 markings2400 png259180 rattle214 scales1388 shiny skin142 sitting72718 smiling298950 smiling at you7658 solo1213762 solo male30112 spiky mane89 underbelly52 white hair546