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Size: 1280x1280 | Tagged: questionable, artist:suspega, derpibooru import, oc, oc:withania nightshade, unofficial characters only, earth pony, hybrid, original species, plant pony, pony, belly, blushing, bulges, butt, crotch bulge, cushion, dock, family friendly features have doomed us, fanfic art, featureless crotch, female, frog (hoof), hooves, image, lying down, plant, plot, png, post-vore, prone, solo, tail, underhoof, vore


This was one of her favourite parts, just as her new guest thought that the main event was over, they would find themselves still being pinned and dominated by the mare who had just eaten them. The inside of her thighs squeezed and rubbed on their body, working her nectar into their skin.

A scene interpretation from the pilot chapter of Hotel Calivorenia by Withania! Did a sketch a good while back, but recently got the incentive to colorize it!

See the story here!

questionable126291 artist:suspega222 derpibooru import2072078 oc772236 oc:withania nightshade114 unofficial characters only495375 earth pony271595 hybrid22243 original species29245 plant pony1209 pony1063791 belly31506 blushing216839 bulges628 butt77677 crotch bulge4834 cushion649 dock54095 family friendly features have doomed us21 fanfic art16225 featureless crotch7231 female1115558 frog (hoof)14089 hooves18953 image291244 lying down19882 plant2954 plot82178 png176574 post-vore1204 prone27025 solo1154316 tail35535 underhoof56439 vore16712

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