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Uploaded by Anonymous #85B9
 1041x664 PNG 570 kB
Size: 1041x664 | Tagged: questionable, artist:sinceus, deleted from derpibooru, derpibooru import, princess celestia, rarity, alicorn, pony, unicorn, bit gag, blushing, bondage, breast collar, bridle, cuffs, female, gag, harness, lesbian, magic, mare, on back, rarilestia, reins, shipping, tack, telekinesis, wip
questionable134340 artist:sinceus8 deleted from derpibooru81168 derpibooru import2259338 princess celestia107877 rarity207400 alicorn266230 pony1173317 unicorn396671 bit gag1404 blushing234624 bondage40382 breast collar25 bridle4168 cuffs5254 female1216301 gag17623 harness2379 lesbian116987 magic84338 mare553484 on back28164 rarilestia185 reins1109 shipping233931 tack5931 telekinesis31887 wip9187